Freedom to Learn

Skills: Art direction, Branding, Graphic Design, Web design

I’m currently working with a Professor of Education and Dr of Philosophy helping them with a pitch for funding for their project The Freedom to Learn. The project wants to find out what happens when schools and universities, across a range of countries, make a decision to operate differently from the norm. Do radical and alternative ways of working have a positive impact on students? Do they reduce social and educational inequality? Do they offer an insight into how to improve education for all?

The Freedom to Learn Project is an ambitious international research project which seeks to explore whether schools and universities which explicitly use more democratic, egalitarian and socially just models have a discernible impact on reducing inequalities and on developing positive social outcomes for students. Through carrying out extensive research in schools and universities in a range of countries, we aim to find out whether these alternative ways of working offer insights which might help other educational organisations to improve practices.

We created the branding, marketing material and website.

Freedom to learn website image